FWF 6.7 cont…”Longville”

(Note from author: since it is long passing the date in which this FWF was started, I am going to just title it “Story, cont…” after this with a segment title. FWF 6.7 just sounds soooo….TECHNICAL, and I haven’t decided on a real title yet.)

Mave awoke to what sounded like rain pattering on the tent. Please let it be rain…she checked. Thank goodness. It is. Can sometimes happen with new clouds formed nearby.

She hadn’t rested well, and when she awoke, all she could think about was Valerie. Valerie is dead, she thought, UCAG most likely killed her, and now what do they want from me? From Dean? She shuddered a bit and it wasn’t very cold. Hadn’t they been through enough? When Valerie was lost Mave lost her whole family too. But she couldn’t tell anyone that, not yet. Not until everyone was safe, and far, far, away from this place.

Elaine still slept soundly next to her. Poor girl. She knew her father was safe, but it was a long way to get to him yet, or him to get to her. They would call him today and make plans. As for the rest of her family…damn.

Her stomach gurgled. As an avid hiker, she was used to eating “like a squirrel”: her buddy Tristan said. Lots of nuts. Granola bars too. But today what wouldn’t she give for a breakfast burrito thick with warm scrambled eggs and bacon. It was unlikely the restaurants in town would have enough to go around for everybody. And the supermarkets? Forget it about it already. Still, they would try.

John was at the tent flap. “Dad says up and at ’em! Long day again.”

Yes but now what? They were safe, momentarily, in Longville. They might even stand a chance of finding Elaine’s family. What about Dean’s wife…what was her name? Susan. She had only met her once. Rumors flew around the school last year about a divorce…had it happened? She really didn’t pay much attention to gossip, and she avoided Dean at all costs anyway.

The smell of coffee wafted toward her, and she burst out of the tent.

“Hope you don’t mind me using some of your water. Red Cross lady says the supply is still good on that. We’ll get some more soon.”

Mave grabbed her camp mug from the top of her pack, filled her cup, and inhaled deeply. “Elaine!” she called, “This coffee is heaven. Get on up, sweetheart!”


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