FWF 6.14

Here is the prompt:


Just when I think things

Cannot be any more desperate

I am called to awareness

Of others less fortunate than I

Who manage to get by

And even enjoy

The precious moments

With which life has blessed us all

Pride goeth before the fall,

But often is it not first the fall

To remind us where we stand

In this world with so much need

There is also so much hope

I am standing at the edge of a cliff

As I witness the valley and sky

The most dangerous places on earth

Often also the most beautiful

Where time is in the content of a dream

And the reality is only

This moment before you

This vista with every opportunity

This fear which etches wounds in your soul

To let the light through

This tree you aspire to be

Branches sway while roots hold fast

We are all not meant to last

But these forever moments

Where all the caresses and sweet dreams

Rest lightly in our hearts

While our shoulders bear the burden

Of all the stops and starts

I am aware this day

Oh every day am I called to remember

Sweet paths and fragrant aspirations

The depths of this dream are boundless

As the canyon before me and the sky above

Where I learn everyday over and over

Again and again

How to love.


4 thoughts on “FWF 6.14

  1. A beautifully written reminder to look around everyday and be aware with gratitude for what we have in our lives, but to also remember those who need.

  2. The ending grabbed my heart:

    The depths of this dream are boundless

    As the canyon before me and the sky above

    Where I learn everyday over and over

    Again and again

    How to love.

    Such a compelling piece … you weave words together in beauty.

  3. I agree with the other comment. A beautiful piece of awareness. I love the inspiration this left me with. A feeling of hope and an urge to do something to make a change in the world. Even if it’s small. Imagine if we ALL did just ONE SMALL THING? Wow. What a movement!
    Thank you. ♥

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  4. Mere words cannot express the beauty of this poem. Many of us go through our days unaware of our blessings and the beauty of the world that is right before our eyes. We obsess about what we lack and are not grateful for what we possess.

    Small everyday acts can lead to larger change and make a difference.

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