heart of gold

This heart placed inside a box

So it might never be broken

Yearning to learn and love of the world

Heavy with its worth

This heart is burdened over yet

Although the box is designed

Specifically to protect

Kept from harm but also from love

Which is its intent after all

This box feels for the heart

But has no power to release it

Its manufacture only to contain

Not release

This synchronicity of feeling

As the two are joined to each other

The heart loving only the box

The box protecting only the heart

Both incapable of existing without each other

Never shall the outside world know of their thoughts

Which are deep and varied and true

Never shall the box unlock its secret

So that the heart could love all the world

And the box learn to protect without containing

So attached to the little shelf which is their refuge

Hoping and dreaming and waiting

For a day that may never be.


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