Free write Friday

Starting a free write actually in the MORNING on a FRIDAY feels good…post to follow prompt.

Deserts bloom

Roses hum

My heart matches the engine’s thrum

Freedom is here

Freedom is everywhere

The sky above lives without a care

My heart passes through

This glimmering tourist

I’m positive this light

Is the absolute purest

My dreams cascade

A waterfall on the desert floor

Worries, worries


Never straining ahead to see

Just in this moment

To be to be

Soul awakened

Mind a soaring

Every hope within me roaring

There is only here there is only now

Always the desert shows me how.



7 thoughts on “Free write Friday

  1. A wonderful poem – The awakening is hard – all our cells know what is right but yet they keep hanging in there and we feel all what we have felt in whole life even more hurtful sometimes. Thanks xxKultuur 🙂 – Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Beautiful – loved the end lines. It was such a marvellous prompt. Loved it and loved this read – these lines especially.
    To be to be

    Soul awakened

    Mind a soaring

  3. To be a soul awakened in the here and now. What a wonderful image. I would like to be that too.

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