Writing Wrongs #FWF

When I think about a time I felt wronged by others or the situation my thoughts inevitably go to my teenage years.  Like many of us I felt misunderstood and treated unfairly by everyone. Especially at home.  My father never understood what I was going through.  I couldn’t talk to him, I couldn’t share my thoughts with him and look to him for guidance.  Being a teenager was not easy. I felt confused all the time.

I used to tell myself, repeatedly, that when I had kids I’d be more understanding, loving, caring, and all the things I felt I wasn’t getting.  Well, I don’t have kids so I can’t say I’ve broken the cycle having not had the opportunity to even try.

Now that I’m older I have a different perspective on the past and can see how it gets out of control so easily. There isn’t much I regret about my life, but I do lament that I didn’t (for whatever reason) take advantage of my youth and develop that stable foundation that I see so many of my peers have built upon.

For writing prompt: Free Write Friday (#FWF) via http://kellieelmore.com/2013/03/15/fwf-free-write-friday-writing-wrongs/

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7 thoughts on “Writing Wrongs #FWF

  1. Dee — I think most of us face that woulda shoulda coulda part of our life…I know if I had things to do over again…much of my life would be very different that it became at this point…but, hey as someone told me last night — you are never too old to live your dream!!!

    Great post…you spoke for many of us!

    • Yeah, “coulda, woulda, shoulda” is like a plague in our minds, it just gets in the way of living. Funny you mention “never too old…” Part of my hang up these days is my age and what I’ve accomplished thus far… time to set a new chapter! =) Thanks for your comment, Anne!

  2. I have felt that way growing up. Kinda like the outcast, misunderstood. I think it is typical to feel that way, but it’s how far we allow it to burrow up in ourselves that makes the difference. Like you, I let in take me over. I was and still am quite insecure and have to continually re-program my thoughts to erase those “the world is out to get me” feelings. It’s hard. But I have found as I get older, that reflecting less on the past, makes my future happier. Find…no, make time, even if it is just five full minutes to literally “think happy thoughts”. I do it in the morning, with a cup of coffee on my porch, and my day is so much better!

    • Happy thoughts while drinking coffee – well, that’s just too easy! I do see how that has a positive twist on the day. When I’ve sipped coffee w/ my lil’ pup sitting under a tree w/ my Nook or cell phone camera… yeah, those days have been pretty good overall.

      I’ll admit to getting frustrated at the amount of times I’ve felt the need to re-program… I would like to just do it once and get it done. Like pulling the weeds from the roots and being done w/ it once and for all… but they keep growing.

      Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts… =)
      Thanks for your comment, Kellie!

  3. I can agree with Annie – also I am happy I have learned so much in my life that I was able to give something forward to the children of mine. Easy life ? nope not at all, but today I am happy and free and my own master 😉

    • What a relief you must feel being your own master… having mastered yourself to be happy and free of everything. I’ve often written about the chains of our past and the hold it has on us. It’s wonderful to know that you have such a personal sense of freedom. =) Gives me hope! Thanks for your comment, Mariane!

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