beneath the sea

Here again

This bottle of luck

Propping me up

Maybe this time

It will be different

There is no cure for this remedy

I am back with my own soul again

Curled up in a ball

My feet graze his warmth

And I know I am safe

I am whole and safe

I stroke into this sea of sleep

Wondering what secrets it may keep

I am whole I am whole

And I know my own soul


Shine and stay

The sea is not always calm

But it always brings me home

Into its depths I dip and weave

I love this part

This notion of love

As it starts all over again


Did you know fish can dance?

The deeper I am beset by this trance

I learn more secrets and charm

My soul my waking soul

It speaks no more in this world

Beneath the sea

Beneath the sea




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