Lost in Loss

It’s only been a day that I know you are no longer with us.  It’s only been a day, but the world is not the same.  No one will ever see you again and we won’t know where you are for the rest of our lives… It is not fair and we’ve become one of those families that others talk about when they say, “It happens to someone else, not us.”

I don’t know what to think – it can’t be true that you’ve been killed in a far away place where you won’t be buried by us… where you won’t be properly laid to rest by us…

For the rest of our lives we won’t know where to go to mourn our loss of your life and those that took your life are cold and heartless and care nothing for the vacancy they’ve created in our hearts.  Those that took your life won’t ever know the vengeance and wrath that await them because we don’t know who they are.


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