manic state

I have not posted in awhile, because, I purposefully and geographically withdrew from internet use except at work. I still will post here sporadically until I decide to order internet use at home again.

I am wired, because, I have eaten only almonds and drunk only juice today until this coffee I am having in this internet cafe, attached to a bookstore, a place I have never been, yet feels altogether very familiar. This is not because I am a masochist, but rather because I have been sick, and I don’t feel like eating anything wheat or dairy based, which is mostly what coffee house fare is. I just ordered a smoothie so I don’t get lightheaded.

The Owens Valley has proven a miraculous place for me. Every morning I watch a flood of tangerine cover the Eastern Sierras and every evening a mango glow touches the peaks on the edge of Death Valley. Or is that just the smoothie talking? No, I haven’t had it yet.

Mornings are still warm, and soft silky air floats over my grateful skin during my morning walks. I know I should include photos here, but I am trying to get myself to write, write. Accompanying pictures my come at another time.

The soft sages in the foothills put out the flame of the sun on peaks, tinging periwinkle and violet at the edge of the blaze. Real fires are a real threat here, and test sirens remind us of this once a week…only one way out.

This may be the best smoothie on earth. The berries have committed a justified sacrifice. Making its way through my system, I am starting to make more sense.

Morning walks are sage and scarlet, loving friends who rise from the ground to greet my feet. My crown is blessed with an adorned sky, containing every color of the universe. My hopes are spread across the landscape, blending with the air and earth and water. The creek wonders if it might have had a different path if man had not rerouted it here. The jackrabbit scolds the creek for its silly thoughts.

I try to match my footsteps with the animals that have been there before me. Elk, jackrabbit, horse, and cow? Yes, occasionally these surface too.

What am I doing in this valley? I am working in a place where once people were sent without choice, and from where people were also removed without choice. It is one where some might be able to guess, but I don’t feel comfortable naming until I leave.

I am choosing to come here, but it is not likely the conditions of my employ will favor me past December. Enough for two seasons. I am already looking forward to the colors of the next one, although I lament that it will mean the latter half of my employment.

It is a lonely place, and while my partner is elsewhere, I have had a lot of time for introspection. He has also been doing what he needs to do, and I hope we will come together stronger than before.

I can still choose to be alone here though. There is company enough whenever I wish it. But no box stores, and so far, no internet, to interfere with my work and thoughts. I am working quite a lot, and learning quite a lot, utilizing my research skills to learn about all the peoples of this land.

Tomorrow, if I am still feeling well enough, I will attend some outdoor hikes that the local conservancy is leading. I am excited to be a part of the naturalist community, as I have been doing more human-based research of late.

Since I was not well enough to venture afield today, instead I visited a local gallery, which proved a source of inspiration to my globetrotting spirit. I will leave you with these images as well, here:

Well, now I am feeling it may be time to go. If nothing else, to go home and write more. I may revisit this place tomorrow to post some of my wanderings.



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