the mighty

Oh where were you when

I needed you most

That is right

You were a ghost

I sought you out in distant places

Only to find

The entire time

You were in my mind.

This beast tames my heart and

I cannot begin

To see the end

I am awake now

And stronger than ever

Your beast shall not defeat mine


I am braver than I seem

And stronger than you suppose

Why you refuse to listen

Nobody knows

Once at your beck and call

You will find that I stand

Away from you

And all you demand

It is not that I don’t love you


I love you all the more

You are the only one

I can truly adore

It is only in this madness

That I realize

I see you through

Rose-tinted eyes

I know you better

Than myself

It is time that

I learned

What is inside this shell


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