Enough is enough

You must take our voices

And replace them with your own


Not even a notion

But pure incoherence

You must take our thoughts

And replace them

With something unknown

To distract us from reality

To place us in your dependence

You must take our own bodies

And manipulate them in the ideals you see fit


and Suzanne Somers workouts

You must give us just enough hope

Not even a carrot

Which is a tangible thing

You must take our nature

Which is the very air we breathe

And the hope we seek

And the love we know

And the joy we share

And the very last place

To catch a little air

You must take it and

In a sacrifice

To gods unknown with wretched vice

Give it unto the

Hands of Hedons

and declare us unfit to handle it

You must know we will take it back

And it will grow so strong

You will not realize

Until it is Nature

Breathing down your Neck

And which level of hell

Would you choose?

Because it’s all there

Win or lose

Take your comfy fleece

From your comfy catalog store

And bring it to this mountain no more

This mountain,

Our mountain

Our sea

Our land

Our home

Begone with you

It has no need


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