yoga + wine= fine

I just posted 2 new poems that were rattling around in my head

And of course !$%& wordpress

Tells me I have one entry to reach my next goal.

So here it is…from a weary traveler.

This is not how I like to travel, this was a trip of necessity. I wish I could have stretched out the time to enjoy it more. But this is how it is. So this is how it was meant to be.

I hope to dull my senses into a deep sleep. 12 plus hours of driving solo should accomplish that feat. But it takes awhile for my mind to quiet, so I write and write.

Even after yoga and wine. I decided, on a day as such as today, that yoga and wine are okay just this time. If I spaced them out I would never sleep. And my limbs are saying, yes, yes, this is just what you need. This and the little bit of time alone, even if it was on the drive.

I should note I wasn’t totally alone. There was a fruit fly in the car with me. šŸ™‚

I may never rest the way I wish tonight, but it will be a deep sleep, and then only 6 or so hours more in the automobile until I reach “home.” Funny, in another couple weeks, “home” will be another place.

Now I am feeling sleep calling my name. That and the last chapter in the book I am reading.

I think this is just the beginning…there is a lot more to come.


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