Female, Young and Alone

I have had the following in my head for a while now.  I’m not sure where it comes from but when I think of this scene it reminds me of an old science-fiction show I watched as a kid: “V” (aka The Visitors).  Anyone remember that one?

“She opened her eyes.

She took a deep breath.

She lay still.

The fluorescent light hurt her eyes, she winced.

The air is cold and stale.”

I’m not sure what to make of it or where this gem will go.  Any ideas, anyone?




5 thoughts on “Female, Young and Alone

  1. Love it. I can see that scene in my head. As a child, it frightened me immensely. “Invaded by our own bodies”? Hmmmm, there are SO many routes to go with this one.

    • This scene also gives me the feel of Species (remember that movie?) It’s like this female isn’t born she just sort of wakes into consciousness… is she there because she’s trapped? is she there because that is the way her kind comes to be? …

  2. kind of creeped out now. Hadn’t thought about that t.v. series in years and thought about it for some reason today and mentioned it to a friend I went to dinner with…and then I get on here tonight and here is someone else thinking about it. I remember falling asleep and dreaming in the car on the way home from the mountains that I was a half-lizard, half-human and my human skin was peeling away to reveal the reptilianness beneath. I was traumatized by that series for a long, long time. Wonder why we are thinking about it again? -white monkey

    • You know… it’s weird how that happens. That scene I describe – I’m sure it’s not something I came up on my own. I am convinced it’s comes from “V”… the only part I changed as I described is in adding the fluorescent lighting. It’s how I want to describe the awakening, consciousness of the female… however, I think there is a scene in “V” where a young female is “hatched”, I guess, in a cave…??

      I’ve never written it before – just always thought about that moment of consciousness and awareness of the self.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Because we are all chrysallae (appropriate Latin pluaralization?) right now! In particular, I have locked myself away, sans computer, to just…transform.

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