Killer Heels

How ridiculous are we…I’ll show you something I’ve been meaning to rant about for a long time. THIS is how ridiculous…

I love fashion. I love shoes. You know what else I love? Walking. Without falling FLAT ON MY FACE. Yah, you got me. I’ve 5’1″. Not an inch taller. Maybe when I’m salsa dancing. Which hasn’t been awhile.

But why are WOMEN being marketed such debilitating shoes recently? I really think it’s honestly so we’ll either keep our mouths shut or only speak how we’re trained (yah, Sarah Palin, and Ann Coulter, I’m talking about YOU…).

Anyway, this to say…WHY…if you can barely stand to put them on…would you move around…for several hours…in them. Dr. Scholl’s and other have even taken to marketing ballet flats you can put in your purse, to save your tootsies (and your back).

So go ahead, wear them. And be proud. Dance. Walk. I dare you to run a race in them, or even walk several blocks in the comfortable business shoes that men wear. (Oh sure, we can do it…but who is gonna egg us on? Ginger Rogers? Please. She knew when to stop.)

So love your feet, love your spine, and stop. Please stop.

Love, M



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