I made it my goal when I started this blog to post every day. Instead, some days I don’t post at all, or sometimes I average 3 posts in a day. I’d like to thank all of you who continue to follow me, whatever my rant or non-rant for the day. Here is today’s:

Today I awoke and it was different

Not exactly apathy

But somewhere between a feeling of

Desiring to care and

Not having enough energy to care

I slept a little more and compromised

I cancelled my appointments

Which were only made to myself

And instead gave in

To the ramblings of my brain

The soft color of the sky

The feeling of wind about my face

Which reminded me why

Today’s beauty is just different than others

A place of healing

Which at first I mistook for stagnation

But instead was a time

To know the hurt and feel

It would not hurt always

But again sometimes

And allow the space

For life to occur

Albeit at a snail’s pace

I am glad to step aside

And let the others rush by

There is a need to stay here

At least for the moment

And I give in

With sumptuous acceptance

I give in.


2 thoughts on “everyday

  1. Like this very much. Great description of exactly how those healing times feel and perfectly ending with acceptance.:)

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