Verdant Isle

I would know you anywhere

You seduce into thick leafy jungles

Where one hopes to survive

Only to round a corner and see the distant blue

Oh for a moment I might fly

Were it not for these shoes

You fight for all your lands

Like a possessive mother

Yet you nurture your children

With song and dance

So they may share it with the world

Indeed you birthed hula directly into the ocean

So it might travel and tell your story

Like my mother

I am not with you now

But your song is not lost to me

It lulls me to sleep on a dreamy sea

I just finished reading the Descendants and good gracious, if it didn’t bring me right back. (I haven’t seen the movie yet for this reason). The author is so good with imagery, and of course I am intimately familiar with the locations, so I think it may still be better in my imaginings.



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