“Um, so….hello?”

“Yes, how may I help you?”

“I, um, like, got this phone, from, like, a friend, and I wanna know if it’s a [your brand] of phone.”

“Okay, miss, let me have a look. Well, it’s an earlier model, it’s missing it’s SIM and a power cord, you may be able to use it, but we don’t carry the hardware for it.”

“Okay, well, like, my friend, it’s his friend’s phone, right? And I think the guy may be in prison or something, so he can’t use it…like…forever.”

“Allright, then, miss. But we still can’t activate it without the hardware or a contract.”

“Okay…whatever.” (Grabs phone and stomps out)

*I’m so glad I do not invite drama. It just finds me without asking.*


2 thoughts on “overheard

  1. Oh boy, this is a tough one… slowly reach for my phone and debate: to video and post online – or – not to video and post online…

    • Yah, my old cell phone was in the hands of the attendant, and my new cell phone was being programmed…so I had neither. NEITHER. I had to write it down.

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