Much thanks indeed…again.

I have to admit…I lost myself the past few years. Don’t get me wrong. I married a wonderful man, lived around the world, and had opportunities I would never give back. But I stopped writing. I was always “too busy” or “too tired” or frankly, just NOT PAYING ATTENTION to myself.

So I want to thank you, you literary fiends, for reintroducing me to this world. You know who you are, and you love it. For awhile we can dwell here, play here. The world is as large as our imaginings and as small as a computer (or phone) screen.

I LOVE YOU. I wouldn’t have said this before, but losing my mother, my heart, has made me realize she is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYONE I meet. She also encouraged me to publish my poems, but I was shy. This is a forum that works for me.

Just so you know, everything you’ve read so far has been on the fly. I may start recording old poems, but I try to write something new, every day, to stay true to myself and FLY. Now you go.


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