I’ve started remembering things that I never wrote down. I want to remember them, so poetry seems the easiest way to do this.

I heard you were coming to say

You loved me

So I hid away

You see I did not know

How I felt

And it was too hard to face you

With no answer

So I hid away

I heard you arrive

As I sat silent

Fearing my breath

Might reveal my spot

So I hid even deeper

Where I might never be found

As you walked away

The air rushed out of my lungs

There was something like relief

But more like guilt

And I wished that I’d been brave

“I don’t know”

Was a viable answer

And of course I know now

I know it is odd to think of

Although I have not changed

My voice has

I hid so deep

That I could not find me

For awhile

But you always knew

Where I was.




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