It never hurts to dream

I am going to dedicate a few posts to my Mom. For one, I find myself remembering things that she said recently and I want to record them. Another reason I feel this is a way to share her with the world. One of the things she said is “It never hurts to dream.” And she is very right.

She showed me the catalog advertisement.

“You would look too cute in this.”

“Mom, I can’t afford it.”

“It never hurts to dream.”

“Look at this property–it has an amazing deck and a great view.”

“Mom, it upsets me just to look at that, knowing I can’t have it.”

“It never hurts to dream.”

I thought, at the time,

We just didn’t dream about the same things.

A dress wasn’t that important.

Finishing my final paper and getting a good grade was.

A house to own in a place nowhere near work was impractical.

Finding the right job was.

What I sometimes failed to realize, was that moment. That moment was important. That moment I could share a dream with my mother was the most blessed event you can have. And I’m sorry I wasted so many of them. But when I think of the dreams we did share, late at night, as I sat on the end of her bed, my heart glows with a warmth that is just a feeling of pure joy.

And so, Mom, I always dare to dream now. I look at dresses I can’t afford and agree with you that they’re pretty. I stop to pick up real estate forms for properties I don’t think I could ever afford. Daring to dream has made me bolder and more confident, and I am so grateful you taught me how to do it.


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