strange dreams

Strange dreams again this morning caused me to sleep longer than usual. I was staying in the wilderness and my old friend JW from MSH was coming to pick me up. (I haven’t even though about JW in over 15 years, much less had him in a dream).

I could see all he stuff I needed to pack was in a room I was sharing: a green tent, a blue sleeping bag, miscellaneous summer clothes. JW came, and hang out a nearby bar. Esposo was there in a cabin too, and he was going with me.

We finally got in a car and drove into the dark night where JW was exchanged with my friend G as the driver of the car. It was hilly, and there were few guardrails, and the drops were steep. Thankfully my dream let me know that G was a good driver so I just stared at the hills which soared up and down as we passed them, like waves of violet velvet.

We then cut out along the coast, and somehow it was still dusk. Now we were on a train though. The colors were so vivid it was as though someone had melted crayons over everything. Tall greyish brown grass waved to the east on my left, and a periwinkle sea splashed white rocks on my right. The sunset looked like a grapefruit melting into a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream.

Well I just had to write it all down while I still remembered it. There was very little dialogue in the dream, although JW told us some things when he came to pick us up, I don’t remember them.


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