A gallery of the mind

Forbidden arbor-lined paths

Grand marble staircases

Little bistros with little vases

On every table

Mountains so high

You can’t see the top

Smiles on faces all around

Low-hung stars

On a terrace hovering

In a velvet summer night

Moss between toes

And jasmine-gardenia-ginger dreams

Warm sand sifting through fingers

A glossy dream of azure sea

Tree branches whispering to sleep

A wine glass just barely perched

On a set of mirthful lips

Building facades

Holding dreams within

Little eyes peeking behind curtains

Cliffs with seabirds glancing their peaks

Ages of rock formed in columns

Periwinkle twilight

Baskets full of spring

Bougainvillea sweeping my head

Moonlight with songs

Or still with only movement

Imperceptible in daylight

Pure love

For the universe

And its treasures

Great and small.



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