notes on notes.

As I sit here listening to another blogger’s music, I think about how many great and new things I am exposed to through this blogging culture. I am trying to decide if this music inspires me, I just wonder if electronica is really my thing. Sometimes I do like it. When incorporated as part of the XX, Coldplay, etc…. but I’m not sure about just the electronics themselves.

I like human voices. Even though I know there is a human producing the electronic sound, I feel more connected when I hear a human voice with things. Now, there I’ve said it. That being, I am liking stuff that transports me elsewhere, even if it’s Space Mountain at Disneyland.

So that being said, I am undecided. I will probably switch over to some jazz. After just doing yoga, I am still in that subdued mode. Actually this music is helping a bit…

What kind of music inspires you? What do you listen to when you need to write? To work? To clean?


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