Everyone Needs a Giraffe

Everyone deserves a giraffe I think,

Because sometimes it’s hard to reach those things

Above the kitchen sink

And sometimes your kitten is caught in a tree

And he can use the giraffe’s neck to slide down–


But then again if everyone had a giraffe

All the giraffes in the desert might go

It’s just mean to put a giraffe in the snow.

So maybe everyone should have a monkey

It would be the newest funky

It could teach us to glide through the trees

And how to pick off nasty fleas

But then there might not be monkeys in the forest

And then these things would begin to bore us

So maybe everyone should have an elephant

I think that would make us quite content

We could travel around

With trunks instead of horns that go


But then where would our elephants sleep?

So maybe instead we should just be,

And let the animals go roaming free,

And someday,

We may be able to see

All of them in the desert,

The ponds, and the trees.





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