strange sleep

Last night I dreamt I was with a team of people who could travel between Life and Death. Rather than an experience, Death was like an actual planet you could go to. We had special keys and stones to travel with. We climbed to the top of a hill, then said a special chant. As a door in space began to open, we threw a stone over to hold the door in place. We then held up our keys, and an entire path through space opened up so we could pass. One of the men I was traveling with (I don’t know him at all in reality) carved a hole in the sky with his key, and a flap of sky fell open, revealing more stars than are visible on the starriest desert night.

There was so much light from the stars, but also beauty, and fear of the unknown. We could tell others’, “We are dead now, but we will be back.”

There were some that were jealous, and wanted to go. But only a few could go, as well as come back. You did not necessarily see your Loved Ones in Death. You traveled to retrieve memories, or hopes, and bring them back to people on Earth. There were also people there that were my parents in Death, but nothing like my real parents. They would call to us on Earth, and that meant we only had a short window of time in which to travel. We could miss it, and there were others that would prevent us from going.

In the dream the man I was traveling with was supposedly my soul mate, but we did not connect on Earth. We were sent always to travel together to Death though. There was both intrigue and a curse in this opportunity, because we too must die someday, but we still had to spend a good deal of time in the Land of Death. But it wasn’t scary. It was just stars mostly, and good feelings, and lots of hope.

The dream still left me exhausted on waking, though, and I had to fall back asleep. I just now got up a half an hour ago to write this. Maybe I will remember more of the dream, maybe not. I don’t know if I want to remember though, it was all so strange, and yet abundantly real.


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