In the news

I had to stop reading because it scared me to death

I could see the eyes of the madman

And they were too like my own

But I am sane and his cover was blown

The instant horror of all the faces above and below

The souls crying out in torment

And rising above oppression

The news they could fail

Would fail–there was no hope

And still they rose and rose

And chose

To live above all else

Or die with dignity

With dignity and hope intact

Safe in the arms of their loved ones

Bundled and smothered with their hopes

Exchanging them like Valentine’s cards

Letting the world outside view all their fears

Yet who was listening,

And who really cared?

Guided by their own dreams

A light split the darkness of their lives

The light was the human spirit

And it breathed out a brave infection,

So that all who caught it were swept up

Over and over again

Into the same patterns

With only their dreams to save them

From the living nightmare.


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