Yesterday I got all twitterpated with the concept of pursuing a PhD in disaster analysis again. I found an expert who focuses on disaster and PUBLIC POLICY, oh which has applications in the REAL WORLD! I did not want to go back for anthropology, and geology would have me starting all over in a BS/MS route, but this…this was exactly the kind of person I was looking for. Somebody who has actually PARTICIPATED in developing disaster management strategies. YAY.

Now I may seem to be all over the map. I have a phone interview (hopefully today) with a reinsurance firm to do catastrophe analysis. Getting a PhD has been one of my dreams though, and I always struggled with deciding upon a specific discipline, much less a topic. You see, I can look at how cultural modalities influence policy. I am fascinated. But I don’t have to get a PhD NOW. I can get a PhD in the future. I now know where to look, though.

I still enjoy restoring posters as well. I will continue to do this. It is just like I have never given up dancing, I am just currently in a dancing hiatus. So I’m not all over the map. My career path is still disaster analysis, my hobbies are, well, almost everything.

I’d like some feedback on how the women I’ve invited to participate in this blog maintain a path toward their dreams and goals while still making ends meet and achieving daily triumphs. Please post them here when you get the time.


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