I am 36 years old and I cannot stand wearing bras. Why, you ask, am I choosing to post this on a site that is supposed to be literature-oriented? Well, because it’s also for women, and I am sure there are plenty of you out there who relate.

I hate wearing bras so much that I keep a stash of sport tanks and camis-with-support around. As a C-cup, these definitely do not give me the full amount of support the girls need, but I do it anyway.

I should add that I have not yet borne or nursed any children, so after I do I may become a bigger fan of anything that prevents my boobs from dangling to my knees. However, at present time I do not.

There is one bra company of which I am a fan. I won’t post their name here, because I don’t want it viewed as any type of endorsement. Also, I have been through about 3 brands in 5 years, and it seems like every time I will get used to/like something, the style gets discontinued. My bra-maker is probably changing the design as I write. I will say that the other night I accidentally fell asleep with this underwire bra on, and slept quite comfortably, without any telltale red marks under my pits or boobs. Would I do this all the time? Hells no.

Why do I consider the modern brassiere so awful? Perhaps in a past life I was corsetted to death and can no longer stand having any pressure near my breast/rib area. Perhaps because I think they are a silly remnant of a time when “refined” women smothered their breasts and broke ribs in order to avoid the “savage” look of women who were able to run around without shirts on.

Oh, let me just linger a little bit of thinking what joy (in warm weather) I would have gadding about with no shirt. Freedom, defined.

Now I know what you gutterbrains are thinking, and that is that it would be great to have women frolicking about sans chemise. But I say unto you, what if those women all had boobies dangling to their knees? How exciting would that be then? If this actually is exciting you, you may choose to stop reading here. It is about to get more boring again.

Anyway, I suppose I could come to love the undergarments which do make clothes look more sleek and do not make it appear as though I am smuggling mangoes under my shirt. (Well, maybe papayas.) I DO love a complete finished look, and while it pains my conservationist/feminist self, I do love good fashion.

I should also make it known that my bra-free days are for special occasions, usually when I can be at home all day or just run a few errands with another layer or two on for discretion. But then I ask, why should I have to be discreet for society’s hangups?

I have lived abroad, and in other places such an event would be considered NO BIG DEAL. You might not even get a second look. (It depends on the size and quality of the other tatas roaming about that day.) And on the beaches, women of course go totally topless.

Of course, in Portland, there are events such as the naked biking day, etc. I love Portland, but it is usually cold enough there that I do not consider freeing my skin to the elements.

I think I would like to proclaim International Women’s No-Shirt Day. I am quite sure a majority would be on board.


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