The XX

While I want to point out that this blog has NOTHING to do with the band the XX, I have nonetheless decided to devote an entry to them. (“xx” in my blog refers to the double x chromosome in females. Still, I may have to change the title someday. Lord help me if it becomes that famous).

I almost pride myself on NOT being up with current trends in music…much less the ton of electronic low-vibe stuff that is imported from the UK.

I listened to an interview with this “band” last year: they are primarily 2 people. But I really enjoy their music. As it falls into a “cultural” category I feel the content is still appropriate for this blog here.  Like many great groups, they met in secondary school. But that is as about as much as I know about their bio, and about as much as I care.

Is the music good? Yes, it is. If a new version of “Labyrinth” were made I would request their music. Something about it is fantasy and dream-like to me. But you can dance to it. In fact, while listening to their music myspace linked my to Lady Gaga. OK, eeuw.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t love the Gaga. I just hear so much of her I get bored. The XX’s “Crystalised” is getting there for me too. But I am still unabashed about expressing my massive crush on their music.

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