I am nothing but not diligent when faced with a challenge. As I only had one post to go to reach my “goal” I am writing this one right here. What will it be about? My creative writing instructor had us keep a journal and informed us to write “whatever” without stopping. This is kind of the goal of this blog. Some of the content is publication-worthy, some is just works-in-progress that may never be finished, some may be outright drivel. (OK, I had to pause for a moment as I considered the wording of the last sentence). So, if I’ve encouraged you to write or post art here–PLEASE do. It can be my “solo” blog, but I welcome contributors.

And if you want to write or post here–PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I will send you an invitation. It may be I will view your blog first before giving you an answer. It may be if the request is well-worded I let you in right away.

Just, PLEASE, no pornography or graphic violence in the submissions. Some of the submissions here have expletives–they are contextual. Still, I have tried to “rate” this on wordpress, and cannot find a means to. If you know how to filter WITHOUT labeling this as an ADULT site, please let me know. I have figured out most of the commands, just not that one.


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