a skit, part deux

Servant: Excuse me, Mademoiselle, but I believe the gentleman across the hall is trying to send you a message.

Colette: What, but why? I haven’t even raised my fan!

Servant: I fear the young gentleman is enamored, Mlle.

Colette: Well. (she glances up, now aware of the gentleman across the hall. Raising her fan, she does a series of bizarre gestures with it.)

Mlle.’s friend approaches.

Cherise: Colette! My dear, whatever is the matter with you? Are you having a spasm?

Colette: No, dear God,Cherise, haven’t you ever seen an LOL?

Cherise: No, I’m afraid not. Those are not my arts.

Colette: Well, I am signaling to the man across the hall. He had the audacity to send the servant over.

Cherise: Now he is raising his eyebrows over his glass at you!

Colette: Oh dear! Did I pull of LOL or possibly ROFL…or possibly…oh no…it COULDN’T BE!

Cherise’s eyes widen.

Cherise: Oh no, Colette, I am afraid it MIGHT…he is gesturing like a madman!

Colette: Well, take THIS!  (she does another sequence of elaborate gestures with the fan).

(Other side of the room)

Jean Claude: I think she likes you, mate.

Pierre: Rather? I think it more likely she has lost control of her fan.

Jean Claude: Well out of control is all the better for you, my friend.

Pierre: Well, really? Do you think I should approach?

Jean Claude: You have the eyebrows of a Neanderthal, Pierre. She could not have mistaken your message.

Pierre: Wait. Watch now, what is she doing with her fan?

Jean Claude: I’m fairly certain that is obscene, friend. You should go over NOW.


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