The carpet of forest appeared periwinkle in some lights, a deep essence the color of aubergines in another.  Adele awoke, surprised at her surroundings. She had been dreaming of daisies, bobbing in the sun. Bright orange daisies…Gerbera…how did she know that word? But instead of being calmed by the beautiful flowers, she was annoyed by them. They carried a message she could not understand, and continued bobbing knowingly as if she could comprehend. Strange.

She had friends to turn to, but Adele felt more comfortable being alone on this night. The woods were completely safe, and the dark moss welcomed her as she had sprawled out, dark winged Night chasing the light out of the sky. Night was her friend, he had helped her through many a pickle and plied her with encouraging draught. He is busy now, she thought, as she walked. Pulling the occasional berry from its branch, she allowed her mind to travel everywhere and nowhere at all.


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