This Woman
Who was Kissed by the Sun
Stands Bright for us all to See
Her Glistening Form casts Light
Bears Hope and Renews Souls
Shares Joy with Kindness
Is a Lion with the Heart of a Lamb
Loves Tenderly and Deeply
Treads Where Even Angels Will Not
Stands in Deep Water
To Hold the Boat with both Arms
Gives  of Herself
Completely even if with Trepidation
Others have attempted to mimic Her Ways
Yet her Path is Genuine and True
And Shines Where Other Light Cannot Reach
All Who Know Her Know Kindness
Others Are Her Soul
Others Know Her Soul
Others Would possess the Light She Provides
But will not take it from Her.
Her Laughter Awakens Your Heart
Her Touch reaches Your Very Soul
She Mirrors the World in Its Perfection and Its Pain
Sketches Our Faces with Intense Accuracy
Softens Our Features and Looks for the Best
Ever in Its Pursuit
She Knows No Other Way of Being
Some Say She Gives To Much
This cannot Last
But Her Gift is Invested
It Cannot Be Lost
It is Passed With A Touch A Squeeze A Laugh
It is Whispered Through Tree Branches
And Shouted Through Halls
It Sails on Ocean Breezes
And Scours Cliff Walls
It Means This Life This One Life
Is The One We Have
We are the Best at What We Have Got
We are Everything That Others Are Not


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