Women of art unite!

So, ladies, here is where we find ourselves. Or lose ourselves. Or both. You are limited only by your imagination. Paint something, write something shoot something. You are not limited by the categories…you can create your own. You can  If you wish to submit, and are not on the list, I may request a writing sample or a photo sample of the type of subject you wish to submit. Correct spelling and grammar are considered, but poetic license is utilized here…

Namaste, Aloha, etc…


PS I added 2 more categories: CHAPTERS (for those of us working on novels, a chapter at a time), and SERIES, so you can continue stories in the fashion of L.M. Montgomery, who submitted her “Anne” series in segments prior to its full publication. Now, GO GO GO!  I also hate “Uncategorized,” I am going to come up with another name for stuff that doesn’t fit the mold (which none of us do)!


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