Old Lady Side

I went to the side of the pool, “The old lady side”

Where you wade in the water and swallow your pride

My joints have been swelling more and more

Pounding my feet pads on concrete floor

Time to let the water swallow my back and relax,

To the “Old Lady Side”

Where you can float at will and walk in the shallow end

Stretch out and see what direction you bend

The first thing I noticed as I stretched into a relaxed crawl

Was dappled sun from the windows on the smooth pool floor

Despite the long black lines ending in neat little “T”s

I could imagine myself snorkeling on my favorite Maui shore

Sunlight dripping over my legs and arms

I can see why the old ladies like this side

It’s a little Florida in a Virginia indoor pool

As my aches soaked away I became immensely grateful

For my slow-moving companion in the next lane

No competition entered my head

The week before last I’d gotten up to 100 laps

Then last week my body gave in to lack of exercise

And the incessant pounding of the concrete floor

I entered the whirlpool

And let the swirl move around my aching joints

Relaxing into my new old lady side